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Adoption Disclaimer: Animals may be adopted by more than one "parent". You will be adopting the species of animal, not an individual animal.

Museum animals, like all living things, are subject to change. They may become ill, die, or be moved to another environment. If any of these things happen, your adoption will be transferred to another animal. Animals remain at OWW, under the care of the professional staff. Your tax deductible donation will help to care for the animals of Old World Wisconsin.

No ownership rights are conferred by sponsoring an animal. Animals may not be on exhibit at all times, based on plans and weather conditions.

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For more information on our "Adopt an Animal" program, please call 262-594-2922.
Heirloom Sheep at Old World WisconsinHeirloom Rooster at Old World Wisconsin
Heirloom Animals at Old World Wisconsin
Adopt An Animal At Old World Wisconsin
Do you love animals? Do you have fond memories of playing tug-of-war with the oxen, or petting the horses' noses? Now you can sponsor your favorite Old World Wisconsin breed by making a gift to "Adopt an Animal".

OWW's heritage breed livestock receive the best nutritious food, veterinary care, and attention. However, costs of daily care consume a large part of Old World Wisconsin's budget. When you "adopt" one of Old World's breeds - either in your own name, or as a gift to someone else - be assured that the animal you've chosen will receive the full benefit of your contribution. With your help, we can expand the Heritage Breed Livestock program at Old World Wisconsin. Thank you!

NEW! Adopt at Level 2 or higher and receive an adorable team of mini-oxen from Old World's gift shop! Watch the Miniature Heirloom Oxen video!

Adoption Levels & Benefits
Level 1 ($25) - Includes Adoption Certificate (color photo & information on the animal of choice). ADOPT/LEVEL 1

Level 2 ($50) - Includes all Level 1 benefits plus a "Pioneer" Friends of Old World Wisconsin membership and a team of plush toy oxen. ADOPT/LEVEL 2

Level 3 ($100) - Includes all Level 1 & 2 benefits plus 2 one-day passes to Old World Wisconsin. ADOPT/LEVEL 3

Level 4 ($250) - Includes all Level 1, 2, and 3 benefits, "Homesteader" Membership, plus 4 one-day passes to Old World Wisconsin. ADOPT/LEVEL 4

Level 5 ($500) - Includes all Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 benefits, two teams of plush toy oxen, and a private animal tour with historic farmers. ADOPT/LEVEL 5
Animals Available For Adoption
Sheep - Merino, Cotswold, Cheviot
Pigs - Ossabaw, Chester White, Mulefoot

Cattle - Red Holstein/Brown Swiss Oxen ("Pete" & "Charlie")
Milking Shorthorn ("Daisy", "Lily" and "Valentine").

Horses - Morgans ("Beauty" & "Bess")
Percherons ("Queen" & "Quincy", and "Sam")

Chickens - White Leghorns, Black Javas, Gold Laced Wyandottes and Silver Laced Wyandottes

Honey Bees
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